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To ensure your vehicle performs well and stays safe to run you will need to, at certain times, take it to a garage for car repairs, car servicing, MOTs or car diagnostics. Before October 2003this meant taking your car to dealership garages, but now motorists in Kidlington and throughout the UK have the option to use either a main dealer or a local, independent garage. On this page, Reliance Auto Test (Bicester) discuss the advantages of using a local company for your car needs.


Top 3 Benefits for Using Local, Independent Garages


1. Friendly and personal service


Reputable, local garages in and around Kidlington, tend to grow their business through word of mouth, which means they put a strong focus on friendly, personable customer service and go the extra mile to ensure their clients are 100% satisfied with their services. Sometimes family-run and generally smaller than main dealership garages, you will often get to speak directly to the technicians carrying-out car repairs, MOTs, car diagnostics or car servicing on your vehicle and can ask them questions about your car. Meeting directly with your mechanic will also mean they get to know you and your vehicle, which can be beneficial for pre-empting problems that may come up in the future.


2. Cost-effective


Due to the scale of operations for independent garages being much smaller than main dealership garages, local workshops tend to offer some of the best rates, due to fewer overheads than a large company. Hourly labour rates also tend to be more affordable with local garages, so if you’re looking for car repairs, such as work on your engine, that are going to need more labour hours, an independent garage is going to be more cost-effective. When trying to decide where to take your vehicle, Kidlington customers should consider ringing a few garages for quotes to see your options. At Reliance Auto Test (Bicester), we offer free quotations and some of the most competitive prices in the area for car repairs, MOTs, car servicing and car diagnostics.


3. Reliable reputation


When searching for a trusted garage, we find Kidlington and other UK customers are more likely to choose a company that has been recommended by a friend, family member or colleague. By building a reliable reputation, local garages see the benefits of client testimonials and strive to build a good reputation in their community by delivering high-quality workmanship and a friendly, personable service. If you’re considering an independent garage with a good reputation for car repairs, MOTs, car servicing or car diagnostics, you also have the added peace of mind knowing that you and your vehicle will be treated well.


Reliance Auto Test (Bicester)


Based in Bicester, Reliance Auto Test is an independent garage offering excellent rates, high-quality workmanship and a friendly, professional service. Built on the success of our sister workshop in High Wycombe, our fully-trained technicians undertake a wide range of services for road users in Kidlington and the wider Oxfordshire areas, including car repairs, car servicing, MOTs and car diagnostics.

Looking for reliable garages near Kidlington? Call Reliance Auto Test in Bicester on 07929100404 or 01869320032, for a full-range of expert services.

Reliance Auto Test Bicester
Reliance Auto Test Bicester