Car Repairs in Brackley I The Importance of Car Servicing and MOTs



At Reliance Auto Test (Bicester), we operate from one of the best equipped MOT testing garages in Bicester. Just over a 15-minute drive away from Brackley, clients throughout the Oxfordshire region have discovered our friendly and reliable services. From car repairs and car diagnostics, to MOTs and car servicing, we offer a full range of trusted services.


As a DVSA (VOSA) authorised testing facility, our expert technicians undertake car servicing, car repairs and MOTs on all Class IV vehicles, using high-quality OEM parts and advanced car diagnostics on vehicles of any type. On this page, we are discussing the importance of using reputable garages in and around Brackley for annual car services and MOTs.




Ministry of Transport Tests (MOTs) are compulsory tests required by law, drawn up to make sure that any car registered for road use passes UK road safety measures. Seen as an inconvenience for many motorists, MOTs are beneficial for highlighting minor faults with your vehicle that you may have been unaware of. Finding problems during an MOT test can potentially save you money, enabling Brackley clients to have minor faults fixed, before any become a more serious and costly problem.


MOTs must be carried out by authorised garages once a year, when your car or commercial vehicle is more than 3 years old. During the test, a qualified tester will carry-out safety checks on numerous parts of your vehicle, including brakes, tyres, exhaust systems and lights. MOTs do not include car diagnostics or advanced checks on the condition of your engine, these are carried out during car servicing, but can recommend any required car repairs needed to pass your MOT should it fail a test.


Reliance Auto Test undertake MOTs testing from our agency approved testing facilities in Bicester. We offer some of the most competitively priced MOTs compared to other garages in the Brackley, Bicester and wider Oxfordshire areas. Tests take around 45 minutes and give motorists the confidence when passed, that they are driving a safe and reliable car.


Car Servicing


To maintain the health and longevity of your vehicle, no matter its age, organising regular car servicing by reputable garages is essential. Depending on how often your vehicle is used, Brackley and other UK motorists have the option of choosing a full or interim car servicing package. Servicing should be carried out once a year by a professional technician, who will be able to check the performance and efficiency of your car or commercial vehicle.


Upon the completion of a service or car diagnostics check, you will be given a detailed report about the components of your vehicle and if there are any problems such as low tyre tread, damaged air cleaners or worn brakes. Your mechanic will suggest any minor or major car repairs which need your attention, but it is up to you whether to have these carried out now or in the future. We recommend fixing any minor defects, before they escalate into a bigger problem later.


Having a full car servicing check provided by approved garages in your area, is also beneficial for helping Brackley and Oxfordshire drivers to pass their MOTs straight away.

To enquire about car repairs, MOTs and car servicing in the Brackley and Oxfordshire areas, call Reliance Auto Test (Bicester) on 07929100404 or 01869320032 today.

Reliance Auto Test Bicester
Reliance Auto Test Bicester